Must Watch: Leo Dickinson BBC 4 Endeavour: Everest Special


Our must watch: 

Leo Dickinson BBC 4 Endeavour: Everest. The Series looking at Leo’s three Everest expeditions – by balloon, canoe and climbing without oxygen.

By Balloon – In 1991, in a field near the Nepalese hamlet of Gokyo, four men climbed into two fragile wicker baskets and poured flame into their hot air balloons. They were to become the first balloonists to fly over Mount Everest. BBC Four Mon 6th at 23:45

Without Oxygen – In 1978, Italian and Austrian mountaineers Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler made mountaineering history, becoming the first climbers to reach the summit of Mount Everest without the use of additional oxygen.  BBC Four Tues 7th at 23:30

By Canoe – In 1976 a British expedition made mountaineering history, becoming the first kayakers to descend the Dudh Kosi river that runs off Mount Everest. High in the Himalayas, and at incredible speed, six Olympic-class canoeists battled with white water over rocks, waterfalls and treacherous whirlpools. BBC Four Wed 8th at 23:30

Rohanists will need little reminder of the Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler Rohan connection. Such a treasured and respected part of Rohan History Please Read more

Leo very kindly shared stories of all three on Rohantime a couple of years ago.

Everest Memories – Without English Air

Everest Memories 11 – By canoe

Skydiving – Shadow of Everest

All three episodes have made it into the  Independent – Christmas TV guide 2013: Look beyond the usual shows for the best festive telly  in Documentaries Hidden Gems in their own words  “three thrilling documentaries about climbing Everest”

Rohanists who shared our weekend in Dunster way back in 2009  may remember Leo joined us and entertained us with these stories. Refresh your Dunster memory

I watched all three during Christmas but I know what I will be doing Saturday, Sunday & Monday are you joining me?

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