I’m fledgling on fire – A self-confirmed Rohan-ista

I’m fledgling on fire - A self-confirmed Rohan-ista

It is always good to get news from Rohan Shop customers. This one is a lovely story. One year to the day Diane began writing her book and returned to the UK …

I’m fledgling on fire, otherwise known as Diane Leigh –  Wandering Writer and Alan Whicker-esque Wannabe. Born and bred in Cheshire, I’ve since lived in Surrey, Cumbria and France. Now location independent, home is wherever I’m wandering. My current location often depends on trains, boats and the tide. And I write Postcards from … well, wherever I am!


My recently published memoir, Dream Seed Magic – A Journey Beyond My Imagination is my first book and shares my story to find and follow my dream to live a year in France. Its purpose is to inspire and encourage others to find their dream seed and experience the magic of living their dream too.

Dream Seed Magic
I began writing my book in January 2013, just as I designated it to be My Year of Magic and returned to the UK with new dreams to follow. This included my decision to minimise my personal belongings to 100 things, a challenge which confirmed Rohan as my trusted travel companion and Rohan Knutsford as my new best friend.


Rohan first crossed my path while I was wandering. Over 13 years ago, before I lived in Cumbria for 10 years, I used to visit the Lake District often. And there I discovered my first purchase. A light, beige, hooded waffle fleece – I was captivated by the ingenious little zipper pocket and impressed by its durability. A self-confirmed Rohan-ista, I added Bags, waterproofs and layers before adoring Rohan jeans, dresses, and my new favourite purchase, the Rohan Cocoon coat! When I recently donated some items to Gift Your Gear, there were still years of adventures left in them for someone else.

2014 is dominated by my little British things Tour. An expedition guided by our coast and a dream to travel the isles and lands of Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England, to inspire others. I intend to explore, observe and collect, to communicate, share and celebrate stories of the ordinary of our everyday. To discover all the Britishness behind and underneath what makes Britain Great. From the Shetland Isles to the Isles of Scilly, from the weather to the heaths and honeyed-green rolling patchwork tucked in at our shores, from pints to pound sterling, and all the apologies and eccentricities in between. Plus to raise money for a charity unique to our island life, the Royal National Lifeboat Institute. So, I’ll see you soon!

I have discovered, as with any dream, when taking the first step, it’s impossible to know, map or predict where it will take you. It’s a voyage into the unknown, a magical experience that changes life beyond imagination. Which is why when I’m travelling with Rohan, I feel ready for anything!www.fledglingonfire.com


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