Is this the oldest Rohan purchase receipt?

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We asked this question – Is this the oldest Rohan purchase receipt? 


photo credit david j jones

Update 18th August 2014
You might like to see this August 1986 colour slide including my wife, which shows one of the two Pampas Jackets which are on the 1983 receipt below.  Just visible are the red trousers, which I think were BAGS cut for the female form.
Maybe called something other than BAGS? (Action Pants)
A ZEISS 8×20 monocular is being worn round the neck – a wonderfully light and compact optical device, which can be a big help when looking for the way ahead and also for spotting wildlife.
Much more convenient than bulky binoculars, even though magnification is modest.
The location is near Pralognan, in the French National Park of the Vanoise, where we rented a gȋte for 2 weeks.
The background is Le Grand Bec 3398m, which we did not climb.
On the left edge of the photo can be seen the roof of the Refuge, shaped like ‘Toblerone’.
I am not sure, but that may be the Refuge du Grand Bec.
To get to the hut we had to cross a lot of compacted snow, some of which which was hard and slippery.
A steep long slope down to the left made things ‘interesting’ as we did not have our crampons with us [ this was supposed to be an easy walk on clear paths ].
But we had our 8mm hill walker’s rope with us, so tied together, and sending her first, it was an uneventful walk to the hut.
We were amazed to see that the hut was being run by a young couple with a very tiny baby, only a few months old.
Quite bold, if you think of getting  medical aid quickly – though I guess a helicopter would have been used if needed.
David J Jones.

The thread below contains  some more lovely answers to our question. We are really grateful for the latest response below from David J Jones MBP. There is an earlier answer from David in the thread below as well.  This is all about his Cool T.  It was first available in gold then red and very few in white. The 1982 catalogue tells the full story.

With recent warmer weather in UK [ 28C = 82F is the one I can remember ] I have started to wear old receipt copyROHAN Cool T shirts again.

I have 2 survivors in White, which are still wearable and very comfortable in hot conditions even when I am working hard digging out compost from the garden bins.

DUNOVA fibre still works fine and these Cool T’s are probably the most comfortable skin contact items I own.
They may also be among the oldest Rohan items I have – probably shown on my 1983 receipt, though I cannot be sure as the item codes “COOL SRT” & “COOL LRD” are not known to me.

The only significant signs of wear are unobtrusive holes in armpit locations.

At one time we did have some brick red/orange Cool T, but these seem to have disappeared.

rohan cool to with pillow copy   rohan cool t without st uffing copy

I have attached some related photos.. A Tee shirt is not an easy thing to photograph.
I did wonder if it would have looked better if filled with a young body [ not my 75 year old version ] but decided to play safe and just use a pillow as filler. As it turned out, the ‘lay flat empty’ photo seemed to work best.

dunova label

I also send photos of the DUNOVA card attached to these garments. Rather unusually these seem to be accurate, rather than wild over optimistic claims dreamed up by advertising people.

Thanks for your efforts with Rohantime – it is good to see the history captured and made widely available.

Best wishes.


Has anyone got an earlier Rohan receipt? If yes please let us know in the comments below. Please help spread the word.


 Updated 27th Dec: A visit to Rohan Keswick never fails to delight.

During my last visit I got a chance to have a real good look at the growing Rohan Originals collection. Ben has been collecting examples of early Rohan and now has a very comprehensive collection.

first-rohan-catalogueHe showed me a lovely example of the very first production Rohan Salopette which was  made in Leeds in the early 1970’s.

The very first garment has to be the most important. In it are the hopes and dreams of what could be.

Looking at it on that day in Keswick 41 years later was a great privilege.

rohan olfio receipt 1986



Heritage is not only about the actual garments at Rohan Keswick.

Ben also produced this receipt for an Olfio purchased in 1986, from Rohan in Milton Keynes on 11th January 1986. Almost in unison we voiced is this the oldest Rohan Receipt?
So it’s now a question for us all.

Has anyone got an earlier Rohan receipt? If yes please let us know in the comments below.

Please help spread the word.





UPDATE: 27th December We have found some older Rohan Receipts sent by David J Jones

He told us the story:

Here is one of my older ROHAN receipts – 09.07.1983.

 receipt 1
I expect there are other older receipts, but the ink tends to fade with age.
I cannot translate all the abbreviated codes into garments – though Pampas is easy enough.
Can anyone convert the abbreviated codes to full names of garments.  STRR , SSTR , COOL ?
The Pampas jackets are still on active service in 2013.

receipt YHA

Going through my Receipts folder also exposed other items – as well as loads of Rohan.
For example, YHA Sales in 1970 – mainly cotton anoraks, with kangaroo pockets across the chest.
Gave good service before we discovered ROHAN and gave them away to OXFAM.
YHA prices were keen in 1970 – inflation makes fools of us all.

Another item with receipt was a cold weather fur hat my wife bought for me from a Berioska Shop when she was supervising a school trip to Russia in early 1980s.
Those shops were only for foreign tourists with foreign currency – not for locals.
This hat is far too warm for UK conditions – you quickly get an overheated head, which is not good for balance or  stability.
I was a bit surprised to see this hat brought home to me in UK as I don’t support buying fur clothing – particularly after having seen TV films of the awful methods of trapping wild animals used in USSR.

receipt 5   receipt2


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