Celebrate John Muir Share Your Thousand Mile Journey

David Lintern - John Muir Trust - Share Your Thousand Mile Journey

Share your thousand mile journey in celebration of John Muir

The John Muir Trust have been chatting to Rohantime about ‘1000 miles walks’ inspired by John Muir . They are inviting us to share our thousand mile journey in celebration of John Muir.

In September 1867, age 29, John Muir undertook a walk of 1,000 miles from Indiana to Florida to experience and study the natural world, which he recounted in his book A Thousand Mile Walk to the Gulf. He had no specific route chosen, except to go by the “wildest, leafiest, and least trodden way I could find.”

‘I only went out for a walk, and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.’ John Muir

We are all invited to take part,  groups or solo walkers and follow in Muir’s footsteps. By creating your own 1000 mile journeys throughout 2014. 1000 mile walks don’t have to be continuous or solo, nor do they have to be part of a John Muir Award – although there’s an obvious fit. It can be something other than a walk, too. Bike, boat, ski – these all offer opportunities to embrace Muir’s enquiring and opportunistic approach. It can be a collaborative approach for example school year group of 100: all walk 10 miles each, connecting local green spaces, parks. Or teams from the same organisation could link together.

Here are some examples of participation: 

    • The GoLakes Travel team are taking on the GoLakes Travel 1000 Mile Challenge as part of the John Muir award. The aim is to log 1000 sustainable miles by May 2014. They have just completed 1225 Miles congratulations. Read more
    • John Muir Trust staff are collating individual journeys. 26 John Muir Trust staff and Trustees set off for a cumulative 1000 mile walk and undertook 275 walks covering 2017 miles! Read more
    • John Muir Award administrator Cristie is walking around 3 miles every day for a year, cracking into some of Scottish Natural Heritage Simple Pleasures, maintaining paths and picking up litter as she goes.

If you are about to add this to your 2014 list have a read of the blog and do your own 1000 mile journey.

A big thank you to David Lintern of the John Muir Trust for the use of his fantastic photo above.


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