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The Rohantime Flashback category has featured some great memories of Rohan over the year’s. It is now very popular. A big thank you for sharing your Rohan memories with us all. Keep them coming please. Roger Blowers has recorded his memory below, in a few words it has captured that early spirit. Thank you Roger.

“I was living in Milton Keynes when Rohan moved there and was immediately taken by the innovative designs. I attended a chat from Paul in which he showed a slide of himself with the words “This was the last time I wore ‘ordinary’ clothes”.
He also recounted attended the opening nearby of the Mercedes HQ and how ‘the suits’ looked at him oddly and decided he was definitely not PLU.
He and I had a couple of ‘discussions’ when I suggested design improvements ….I don’t think I ever convinced him!
My first Rohan was, of course, a pair of Rohan Bags, then an Olfio. My late wife spilt bleach on the Olfio. Rohan did a splendid job of putting a patch over the bleached bit; then when I caught the pocket of my Olive one on the Gifford Park door handle, they repaired the rip very neatly.
The joke with the Olive Olfio one was it was the very last in that colour (I still have it), and the shop volunteered to post it to me, but it took NINE DAYS to deliver from the shop/factory to Bletchley (about 5 miles away), by which time I had initiated a search! (I especially wanted it to match-up with some Olive bags).

When I was invited to go on TV’s ‘Kilroy’ programme, I wore matching Bags and the famous ‘over the head’ top whose name escapes me for the mo. Very fetching in a striking, red-brown and green!!

As I am now retired in Spain, I live most of the year in Rohan shorts and tops. I can still sometimes see ways in which I think the designs could be improved….sad that I cannot argue my thoughts with Paul.”

Roger Blowers (wearing four Rohan garments as I type from cold, wet & windy Spain!!)

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