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We have talked about reusing our Rohan garments in a number of posts on Rohantime. Many of us have shared stories of Rohan garments being passed down within families.

Rohan’s own samples are all also reused. As the new Spring/Summer season approaches you can be assured we are still passing our garments onto a selection of development and support projects, where people can benefit from the special properties of our clothing.

We donate worn but serviceable press samples to the Porters Progress and the International Porter Protection Group, who in turn pass the garments on to poorly equipped mountain porters

We recently donated over a hundred Rohan garments to the charity.

This was supported by Tim Jaspers’ recent trip to Nepal; where he was lucky enough to hand deliver some more garments to the hard working porters in Kathmandu.

Tim Jasper, Rohan Brand Director says;

“When I was in Nepal last month I was moved by the stories of hardship and exploitation that some of the porters have suffered. Most porters are not hardy, acclimatised, mountain folk, but lowland farmers looking for seasonal work. Although reputable trekking companies are supposed to ensure their porters are well-equipped and looked after, in practice many porters are at the mercy of their local gang-leaders. Needless to say some of them are still going into harsh mountain environments without the gear they need. So were delighted to be supporting the great work of this charity. It was fantastic to be able to personally deliver some of these garments and understand first hand how this small donation of clothing will help the porters to be better equipped for their daily jobs”.

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