So you think you know your Rohan History?

rohan history

We have had a lot of stories on Rohantime about the history of Rohan. In fact it even has its own category called Rohan Flashback.

This post is very short because we are asking if anyone knows where this is and why it has a significance to Rohan. Any ideas please jot them down in the comments below.

There are many Rohanists that have long memories going right back to the very early days of Rohan at the start of 1970’s.

This, I suspect, will test you all.

But then again I may be very wrong.

Well it was a bit of both.

It was a surprise that many Rohanists thought Rohan started in Airton or even Long Preston.

The first Rohan Shop was, and still is, in Long Preston.

We did move to Airton but only after two moves within Skipton.

In fact Rohan started in a very small property on Raikes Road, Skipton.

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Rohan Heritage

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