R.I.P Rohan Shorts

R.I.P Rohan Shorts- The Twins (Sept 1997 – Jan 2010) Aged 12 Years

4280533335_fced069887 After many years of robust service in the Joseph household, the bush, construction sites, four wheel driving, and tramping in New Zealand, it is sad to announce the passing of the twins.They pass on to meet up with 2 pairs of bags and one pair of hot bags that have gone before them to Rohan heaven.They are survived by Olfio Sweater (b. 1985) – semi retired; Pampas Jacket (b.1985) – Still going strong; a heavy winter fleece jacket “Fred” (b. 1987) and Warm Pants (b. 2002).

Recent additions to the Rohan family are three pairs of bags, 2 pairs of shorts and a fleece sweater (all b.2008).

My 1985 Olfio is getting thin & worn on the seams but is still alive & kicking down here in New Zealand. My wife won’t allow me to wear it in public but it still goes out in the rucksack in the hills and was worn on the World Classic “Tongarario Crossing” a few years ago.

The Olfio was a great companion to a pair of Hot Bags for many years in the Peak District walking & climbing with Scouts & Derby Mountain Rescue Team.

Sadly the Hot Bags were savaged & torn apart climbing a barb wire fence during a night search for a missing person.

I agree with others – BRING BACK OLFIO.

For the ABSOLUTE BEST in outdoor / travel clothing then buy Rohan.

Richard, Auckland, New Zealand.

Rohan Heritage

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