Rohan Windlord Found Living In Mayrhofen Austria

Great excitement during the BBC Four broadcast of Without Oxygen – Leo Dickinson film of Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler 1978 First Ascent of Everest Without Oxygen. You can watch it again see details.

During the holiday break this lovely photo was sent to us of the the actual Rohan Windlord Jacket that is still with Peter in Austria. Thank you Pam for sharing the photo it is lovely. We have more on this story below…

Rohan Windlord in Austria - Pam


Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler Everest 1978 1st Accent of Everest Without Oxygen Camp Two

Not much gets past a Rohanist. They are always on the look out for new Rohan heritage stories and garments.

This is a great story, from a long-standing Rohantist, Richard Coatsworth recently returned from a holiday on Austria. On returning from his holiday he popped into Rohan Keswick and happen to mention what he had spotted in Austria. Since Rohan Keswick is the home of the Rohan Originals collection of heritage garments the story was even more poignant.

This is Richards story…

A shop window in the wonderful Austrian town of Mayrhofen, Zillertal, Austria

The shop a ski hire shop and the owner is Peter Habeler.

Anyone guess what Richard spotted hanging  in the window?

Yes, the Windlord Jacket used on the first ascent of Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen, by Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler one of the greatest mountaineering achievements. The jacket belonged to Peter. He is wearing the jacket in the photo above at Camp Two.

Wow an amazing find. A very big thank you to Richard for the lovely story, This really means a lot to us all. To know the jacket is still going strong is lovely.

We did cover the story of the Windlord Jacket on Rohantime way back in 2009 and again more recently.

Read more on Rohan Windlord

Richard also send us these photographs. For which we are very grateful. Also a very big thank you to Ben and the team at Rohan Keswick for making sure we captured this moment. Finally our appreciation goes to Peter himself for treasuring the Windlord Jacket.

This is the first time we have seen a photo of the garment since it left us 35 years ago.

Peter Habeler Rohan Windlord Jacket

Rohan Windlord (Gwaihir)Jacket worn by Peter on the Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler Everest 1978 1st Accent of Everest Without Oxygen

Peter Habeler boot

Peter Habeler

We are really proud of this one


Rohan Heritage

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