Rohan Cloudbase Jacket Review


In early December I consulted your ever helpful staff in our Rohan shop here in Ambleside. What I wanted was a light wind and waterproof jacket to take on my travels in the Middle East. I was strongly recommended to buy your Cloudbase Jacket as very suitable and was delighted to find that, as it was in your Sale period , I was offered a good discount.

I was in Amman, Jordan when the overdue Winter Rains arrived with a vengeance accompanied by persistent and torrential thunder storms. As Amman is on several hills, the water was running down the streets 2 inches deep and I had to be able to return up hill to my hotel; the long flights of steps like negotiating waterfalls. When I arrived my Rohan trousers were soaked up to the knee ( but soon dried with judicious use of my hotel hair dryer ). However – the jacket shed the water and was none the worse after being shaken. But my fleece jacket underneath was absolutely bone dry – not a spot of water. My travelling companions were amazed !! I have often, on my travels, recommended your products for high tech fabrics and did so again. Well done !  – Regards – Leslie Johnson


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