Rohan Originals at Rohan Keswick – See the Show

Rohan Keswick - Back row (in doorway) Scott, Leeanne. Front row; Rikki, Victoria, Katie, Natalie, Neil and Christeen

We have charted the growth of the Rohan Originals Collection housed in Rohan Keswick in a number of posts on Rohantime. The collection is now a comprehensive display of vintage Rohan garments. Each one tells a unique story of Rohan’s heritage. The walls of Rohan Keswick are now adorned with a collection of Rohan Originals.

For those of us that Keswick is a step too far, please enjoy the Rohan Originals show on Flickr.

rohan originals

keswickA big thank you to Ben Evans and the Keswick team for putting together this great collection. We understand Ben is still keen to track down some missing garments. So next time you pull out that vintage Rohan, please drop us a line, and we can tell you if it’s on the missing list. I do happen to know the Mille Miglia Rohan Children’s Range released in 1985 is very prized for the collection.

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