Rohan Franchise exceeds all expectation

The good news is that a lot of us are interested in having our own Rohan shop.

Since the release in January of the upcoming Rohan Franchise opportunity we can report that we have received a  a deluge of enquiries for more information on the franchise opportunity.
Retail Director Ian Palmer reflects on the high level of interest already received: “When we introduced our franchise proposition we felt confident that we’d constructed an attractive package and were prepared for plenty of phone calls. But, if I’m honest, the sheer number of serious enquiries we’ve received has exceeded all our expectations. It’s been really encouraging.

“What’s surprised me about many of the enquiries is the amazing enthusiasm for the Rohan brand. That and the professionalism and experience that many prospective franchise owners can bring to the table. We hadn’t really banked on that. So far, we’ve just been concentrating on making our package as attractive as we possibly could!

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