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Cumbrialass asked Can you pack a packpocket?
The packpockets on many of my Rohan garments are useful as large pockets but does anyone actually use them as ‘advertised’? ie does anyone actually manage to fit the garment into the pack pocket a) so that it fits in so you can fasten the zip and b) manage to fold it in so that it doesn’t come out as if you’ve slept in it for 3 weeks. There must be a special knack, which I haven’t got. I just fold everything. Perhaps a ‘How to do it@ video is needed admin?

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I /can/ on any of the various things I have. A little bit of a squish on my Snowpack jacket and my daughter’s Inner Flame vest, but they all seem to work.
I pretty much never actually *do* as, to be honest, I don’t see much point. I cut out the belt-elastics in the Packpockets of my Goa tops as I never used them. I think there’s an argument for one (and a stow-loop) on the bike stuff if you’re in a minimalist mood and want to hang a neat package off the frame, but otherwise I don’t really see why a Packpocketed jacket in a bag is much better than a jacket in a bag.
One slightly annoying feature of the Windshadow for me is the way the Packpocket has been reduced in volume which might make the jacket fit slightly more snugly but actually reduces its usefulness as a pocket for e.g. a map. Pete. – PJClinch

Yes. Microgrid zip top, old Goa trousers. Just squish ’em in. Easy (and useful for cramming stuff into a small flight/cabin bag).
A local business where I live (tropics) sells a great lightweight holdall/large shoulder bag with a pack pocket, plus carabino clip and loop. Can unpack/repack in under 5 seconds. Packed size (cm) 10 x 7 x 5, weight minimal. LOVE packpockets. Jakehound

I do – great for waterproofs like the Elite and also the Windshadow. Never really ‘fold’ it in – just squish away! Also works well for the Microgrid top. These things come out creased but the creases fall out in a few minutes. Works less well with trousers though!
It saves space and its easier to find things in a carry on bag or rucksack as you are not rooting around amongst loose clothes. Also works very well for insulating jackets synthetic and down. No need for a separate stuff sack and you have a ready-made pillow!
The packable rucksack and shoulder bag that Rohan do are similarly useful – especially if you are in ‘one bag only and no handbags’ travel hell. You always need a daybag of some sort for carrying stuff around while on hols and the way these pack down into something so small is very impressive. I have got rid of a much bulkier Ealge Creek shoulder bag and just take my ultralight Rohan shoulder bag for when I get to my destination.
I think packpockets are a bit like a lot of Rohan stuff – there are no rules on how to use them and one doesn’t use all of the features all of the time. I have never, ever, used drying loops on the shirts for example! And I don’t use the small zipped change pockets on some of the jeans. But the one thing I use a lot are the D rings – we want more, not fewer! Michaelt

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