Was this the First Olfio?

OLF10-Ferrari308GT4-2+2 1

Was this the first Olfio?

Paul Howcroft’s own OLF10-Ferrari 308 GT 4-2+2.  Year: 1983, business must have been good that year. Thank you Ed and Ade Rudler for the photo. However, was this the first Olfio and which came first number plate or Olfio the garment.

We have referred to the naming of Olfio in a few posts on Rohantime. Olfio was indeed named after a car registration plate that was used on a number of Rohan vehicles. Now is a good time for me to own up to the fact that Rohan Sohao was also a number plate.

landie2 landie3It is good to know that some Rohan traditions go on. One my first visit back to Rohan Milton Keynes head office for many years the first thing I saw that stopped me in my tracks was Olfio, a beautiful black Land Rover. That raised a smile.

A number of 4 wheeled Olfio’s have passed between the Ferrari and the current Land Rover. The  picture below shows one, the Range Rover with Susan and Allan both in Rohan Olfio and Rohan Bags 1985.

Are there any photos and stories of the other cars that have carried the Rohan Olfio number plate over the last 25 years?

See a great example of the Rohan Olfio the garment which is part of the Rohan Originals collection in Rohan Keswick. What out for news on the updates on the collection.

Check out to Rohantime Flickr some great photo’s of Olfio taken from the Rohan Catalogues 1985 – 1990.


Sarah Howcroft

Rohan Heritage


  1. steve overy says:

    A while after adopting Rohan (bags, olfio, and the press button shirts) I started working in Milton Keynes in 1988, commuting from Leicestershire. I remember passing OLF10 on the motorway more than once. Do I seem to remember a Classic “Bullnose” Sport? but certainly latterly a 4×4 of some flavour.
    The olfio is still used, gardening & firework shows (similar to scotland in winter: cold, wet, & miserable – then it all kicks off & makes it worth while).
    Now its winter, living in Warm Bags & enjoying Worldview shirts… Mind the original bags I had (the ecin colour) got trashed glissading down off a glencoe top – a slither of rock slashed through 4 clothing layers (could have been worse!)

  2. Peter Clinch says:

    Despite owning (and using) bright pink Bags Shorts (the ones on the wall in Keswick are mine, but I replaced them with a less sun-bleached pair I found on eBay) and a pair of Troll Jesters, I must admit there are some… “interesting” combinations I’ve never been able to face. Moving Ons and Mariners had some particularly vivid 3-way clashes going on!

    My fave Bags are my red ones, great shame they’re not available any more.

  3. I bought my first Rohan kit in 1983 before moving out to Italy for three years. I had Bags/Hot Bags/Olfio/ a gilet of some kind. What I really liked was the selection of colours.
    These days the colour palette seems to be Drab drab and drab enlivened with a bit of battleship grey (not confined to Rohan I must add).
    I saw the heritage display in the Inverness store while in buying a pair of the Grand Tour chinos to wear in Thailand last month and asked the assistant why we don’t see these colours any more “Good question” was the reply.
    BTW the chinos were fantastic! Came to look for some more – colours? Blue Steel, Graphite and Putty WOW! (not)
    Why not put out some of the Heritage colours with the new stuff? People might actually like it – and buy it!

    • Sarah Howcroft says:

      Hi John Thanks for the memories and the feedback. I was thinking about your comment as I was watching a crowd scene on the TV last night and one observation so little colour in any of the clothing. Navy or black jackets, same on the legs. This was mid day London on a grey day. What I am trying to say is that a reflection of not being offered colour or a customer preference. Chicken & Egg. Looking at the early heritage colours now it’s a big step to the Distant Green, Gold, Lovat, Rohan Blue etc etc plus the occasional yellow, pink purple. Take a look at the heritage collection on the walls in Rohan Keswick if you are ever in the town. http://www.flickr.com/photos/rohantime/sets/72157623203838058/

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