Gift Your Gear – Craggers and Rohan


We have just received a message and photos from Craggers regarding their recent Gift Your Gear – Rohan donation

Since 1999 Craggers based in Brighton and Hove has been providing free or low cost adventurous activities, throughout the year, for socially excluded families and individuals.

“People are excluded from activities such as climbing and kayaking for various reasons including: income, age – both ends of the spectrum – lack of childcare, ability, self-confidence/self-esteem issues and prejudiced based on race, sex, sexual orientation, body size etc.

Our week long Adventure Camp at the end of the summer holidays caters for up to 55 people (It is always massively oversubscribed). Craggers is a registered charity and is run entirely by unpaid volunteers. Over the years we have built up an adequate stock of climbing equipment and a smaller pool of kayaking kit. Now thanks to your project we will be able to keep our participants dry as well”.

Tony HemingwayCraggers

Craggers - Gift Your Gear climbing april 2013

Rohan Heritage

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