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Message from Warren McLaren

Congratulations on Rohantime. Such a great service the current Rohan team are providing. It’s wonderful that the creative energy so apparent in the early decades of the Rohan story is being captured and archived.

A shame this isn’t true of many other iconic outdoor companies. For prior to the outdoor industry becoming substantial enough to attract corporate investment, the founder/designers of many outdoor brands poured their heart and soul into these ventures to produce cutting edge product. Their imagination and passion inspired me to also want to design outdoor gear. Along the way, I amassed a sizeable collection of gear and clothing catalogues.

About 18 months ago I had the vague idea of collating some of those outdoor product innovations into a form of web database. Alas, having my first child interrupted the process somewhat, so the project is a tad incomplete, but the Rohan profile is reasonably full. It might interest your readers, as may the product heritage of other British brands like, Berghaus, Blacks of Greenock, Karrimor, Ultimate and Wintergear. If time permits (ha!) I hope, one day, to fill in many missing details. And brands.

Endeavours like Rohantime, and Berghaus re-releasing their original 30 year old Trango jacket, suggest that, as the outdoor market has become increasingly homogenised, active people still hanker after a time when passion drove designs, not sales charts. Maybe my effort, called ‘Compass: charting the evolution of outdoor gear,’ can add a little something to that resurgence of interest. Direct link to the Rohan profile

cheers, Warren.

Rohan Heritage

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