Rohan Icelanders vs Winter Bags?

Icelanders or Winter Bags. I think that if you are looking for a pair of trousers that will take the wear and tear of winter walking, I would recommend the Icelanders. They have a much tougher outer fabric (polyamide canvas – even harder wearing than cordura!) than the winter bags and as you have already said, a more roomy fit, also more ideal for walking. But saying this, we have made the winter bags for many many years and will probably continue doing so as they are a firm favourite for many Rohan regulars. Personally I would choose the Icelanders, easier to fit…they will fit even if i’ve had too much pudding! Hope this helps. Christeen (Manager at Rohan Keswick)

Thank you Christeen  for the  feedback. Check out the user comments on the Rohantime Forum. If you would like to write your own user review of any Rohan garment we would all like to share it with you. Please use this form or the Rohantimeforum.

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