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Rohan Trotters 74/75

The Trotter – A Great Find Circa 1974

The recent Gift Your Gear Sort of all the wonderful donations yielded some really interesting finds.

The most notable has to be this one.

The Trotter

A bi-stretch, cord effect, Helanca with Lycra trouser with easy to access secure pockets.

Not just any trousers.

This was the garment that encompassed the development for the very first Rohan Bags made in Leeds.

Note the position of the pockets and of course the D- ring

Trotters were made in stretch and non stretch fabrics in small quantities and used by Alpinist during the early 70’s.

From the knowledge gathered over the early years with Trotters came Rohan Bags.

I think it is safe to say with out the development thread of Trotters in all their manifestations Bags would not have happened.

Trotters appeared in the 1979 catalogue with a self coloured waist band.

In the catalogue that covered the period 1975 – 1981 there is a line drawing illustration of this very garment.

As a rough estimation I would date it 1974/5.

It has worn well, some very slight pilling on the thigh and little else.

The owner was probably tall, as the legs remains the Rohan standard at the time, 36 inch unfinished.

Whoever you are, a really big thank you from us all and especially myself for donating your pair of Trotters.

This old friend will take its place in the Rohan Originals  heritage collection in Rohan Keswick.

Please drop in and say hello.

Sarah Howcroft – Rohan Heritage


Rohan Heritage

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