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Customer review Rohan Pinnacle Jacket

“I have owned this jacket approximately one month. I am a ‘critical’ user of outdoor gear however, I was drawn to this jacket because of the durability of the material and the simplicity of the front zip. I have worn this jacket with a harness a lot and one thing that struck me is that the Pinnacle doesn’t ‘rise up’ out of the harness, a common problem with many Mountaineering jackets. The cut of the jacket has no limits and swinging axes presents few problems. When I have been caught in heavy snow squalls the hood has fitted fantastically over the helmet and when fully zipped offers a great place to hide. The two high pockets are easily accessible which is where I tend to keep prussik loops and the like. Whilst climbing Flanders just the other day, I noticed that my icepick had started to work loose. I found I could easily enter the sleeve pocket to access my allen key and managed to tighten the pick whilst ‘bridged out’ mid pitch! Whilst thrutching up icy chimneys and tricky frozen rock walls, the jacket has performed admirably and has displayed no signs of wear or tear! Well done Rohan”

Stu Stanley

Reades Route’, Crib Goch, Snowdon. (VI 6)
North Face Crib Goch 017 North Face Crib Goch 019
On Western Route, Black Ladders,                 On ‘Cool Water Sandwhich’ (V 5),
Carnedd Dafydd, Snowdonia. (V 6)                Lliwedd, Snowdonia
IMG_2624 On 'Cool Water Sandwhich' (V 5), Lliwedd, Snowdonia
Western Gully, Black Ladders (V6), Carnedd Dafydd, Snowdonia.  January, 2010.
The crux pitch of the classic Western Gully. Nearing the top of Wesren Gully, wearing the Pinnacle
Flanders, Black Ladders, Carnedd Dafydd (VII 7.)
A difficult modern mixed climb relying on frozen turf/vegetation. Many of the climbs on this cliff are named after or related to battles of ‘The Great War’.
pitch 3 sunset
Rohan Heritage

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