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guildford originalsHere at Rohan Guildford we pride ourselves on connecting with our customers, whether this be because we’ve been to the same place they’re going, reminiscing about old products, or recommending the best coffee shop in town!

Opening in 2005 means we are relatively new on the Rohan circuit. However, we are lucky to already have a loyal customer base, most of who have been with the company since the very beginning.

The collection currently includes: 3 pairs of original Bags, the first Striders, an Olfio, a Goa Top, a Khombo Top, a Graphic T and a Safari Shirt in Turquoise brought from Paul himself in a Bristol hotel sale! A massive thank you to Mr. Power, Mr. Ward, Mr. Plutheral and Mr. Bradbeer for their donations.

So if you have any classic Rohan hanging around in the back of the wardrobe, and you’re not planning a trip to the Lakes anytime soon, why not come in and give it a good home in Guildford, I’m sure we can sort our some kind of part exchange! Why not come to Guildford anyway, it’s a lovely town, and we’ve got the nicest staff.

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