How many Rohan Pullover smocks are there?

Rohan Olfio and Sohao

The story below was first published in 2013. Recently we noted a number of comments on Rohantime about over the head tops. The most recent yesterday from Laurence Cox – Rohan Keswick – Rohan Originals Collection and Can you spot the first Rohan Pampas Jacket?. We have republished this post to open up the topic again.


A few days ago this question was posted on the forum

How many Rohan Pullover smocks are there?
Hi All and a Happy New Year!
Love to know how many Pullover smocks there are though out the years! I have
Olfio and a Goa Top.
Just seen a Rohan Trekker which I like what year was this one
and a Voyager think it was called that, plus the Moving On
Have i missed some?
Love to replace my Goa top is Rohan going to bring out a new Pullover for 2013?
Any info would be great
Labrador Wild Man

The question sparked a number of  replies.

We asked Ben from Rohan Keswick who has an encyclopaedic knowledge of Rohan History if he could list all the Rohan over the head garments produced during the 40+ years. No pressure Ben!


Rohan Over the Head garments list compiled by Ben:

“I have not included any fleece product or overhead shirts unless it has a windproof/resistant outer – which in my opinion constitutes a smock. Also not included any children’s wear”. Ben – Rohan Keswick


Hyde-couple of different variations before opened up the front
Moving on mk 1 and 2
Olfio mk 1 and 2

From the early catalogues there was an overhead ‘Drylined’ and Dunova Mariner- I have never seen these. The 1987 catalogue says the Dunova Mariner never made


Trekker pullover
Micro windshell and Windjammer ( Both cycle tops-the windjammer was a reversible pertex/fleece)
Windpacker top
Goa top-several versions over the years
Nimbus pullover

2000’s to present

Backpacker top
Axiom top( waterproof)
Cirrus top
Windshadow top
Essential top

That is an impressive list. There is no doubt that Rohanists have a liking for Over the Head garments. I wonder what will be next?

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