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No doubt matching your clothes to the weather for maximum comfort and protection makes a lot of sense. In the recent weeks of plunging temperatures, snow swept motorways and lengthening icicles, I have found I am wearing my winter walking kit all day, including my boots.

The three layer clothing system which underpins modern outdoor clothing is a fantastic way of dressing. Layering clothing to produce maximum thermal efficiency is a well established and efficient way of ensuring you get maximum protection from your clothing, but it hasn’t made the leap to high street clothing. That was obvious the other day when I was out and about on the streets of Birmingham. I witnessed many incidents of people hopelessly dressed for the conditions that they had to deal with. Guys in suits and not much else and ladies well… we can do better girls.

My preferred layer system is a light weight, but good looking base layer. There have been times in over heated offices that I have had to expose the base layer. So my tip is make it nice. Recently, I have used the Rohan Core T, a good looking T shirt that acts as a wicking and thermal layer. Next, Microgrid Stowaway Top, great warmth to weight ratio and again looks good. Finally on top, my trusty Cityscape and Inner Flame Jacket. Rohan Bags and occasionally Merino Leggings complete the ensemble.

I guess there are many successful layer combinations, if you are using Rohan Clothing all day during the big freeze please share your preferred layer system.

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