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I’ve been wearing my pair of Rohan On Route Trousers more or less solidly since I bought them about 6 months ago (Yes I do wash them – but overnight so they are ready the next day). The button fell off and was sewn back on, but apart from that they are showing no sign at all of wear and tear. They don’t even look faded.

They’re more than smart enough for the office and then strong and technical enough for racing sailing dinghies at the weekend. They also spent time bouncing and crawling around a small boat at sea in moderate (though relatively dry) conditions.

I love:
*The velcro mobile phone pocket which keeps my phone safe and scratch free.
*The material – very tough and has never needed ironing.
*The versatility – comfortable and practical in the office, warm, dry and windproof in a dinghy or at sea.
*The zipped inner pocket on the right hand side is now my wallet.
*Really hard wearing.

I like less:
*Button needed re-sewing (maybe to do with me being on the rounder side)
*I wish the phone pocket was on the other side from the d-ring so my keys are never near the phone.

Now that it has got very cold (including inside the office) I’ve ordered a pair of Winter Bags to see me through colder days. But when it’s warmer I’ll be wearing the On Routes again, and when they do eventually give up, they will be replaced.

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