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Gift Your Gear Sorting for the Rohan Gear Pool


The Brede Arkless Outdoors in the City Centre

In our last Gift Your Gear post on Rohantime we promised photo’s and stories of the big sort at the centre and some very interesting donations found in the boxes…

The Gift Your Gear sort at Outdoors in the City headquarters the The Brede Arkless Outdoors in the City Centre was an opportunity for the young people to get involved with learning about the real value of quality outdoor gear, whilst creating the Gift Your Gear/Rohan Equipment Gear Pool at the centre.
Gift Your Gear Sorting not a good colour for the hills

Caroline, Lea and Gavin, instructors at the centre took time to explain to the young people what is considered to be good practice when dressing for walking in the great outdoors, including colour choice!

Gift Your Gear - Sorting team talk about outdoor kit

They covered topics including the importance of base layers, weight of kit, breathability against waterproof of shell garments, windproof fleece, pockets, hoods, velcro, durability, layering, fit and lots more. All the fundamentals in selecting good appropriate  outdoor clothing were covered in a stimulating atmosphere.

Roger Cann MD Rohan told Rohantime

“It was great to visit the Brede Arkless Centre with Sarah.  You know a venture like this is worthwhile when you hear the stories of the individuals who have benefited.  As we were shown round the centre, both Kevin and Caroline, recounted stories of the young people used the facilities and went on the trips.  They explained how they had benefited from the experiences.   It is this focus on the individual and their potential that makes the project so successful.  Their equipment pool is a great way to benefit a large number of individuals with our recycled outdoor gear.  Having clothing that works is vital to the enjoyment of the outdoors.”

Gift Your Gear - Sorting team instructor in background

It was a comprehensive lesson for all concerned in dressing well for the great outdoors.

What was amazing to witness was the enthusiasm amongst the young people.

Gift Your Gear sort not only about outdoor clothing

Sarah Howcroft – Gift Your Gear a ROG Initiative

“I am really keen that Gift Your Gear helps to establish equipment gear pools at centres such as  The Brede Arkless Outdoors in the City Centre . The value that this can deliver over many years is great.  So much so I have decided to make it a firm criteria for all new possible beneficiaries of Gift Your Gear in the future”

Regarding the very interesting donations found in the Gift Your Gear boxes… Thats the next post!

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