Any chance of Rohan tweed? Read the story…


There have been a number of references to tweed on Rohantime in the last couple of months both on the forum and in various posts.

Alison O’Neill – The Barefoot Shepherdess friend of Rohan Ambleside talked about Tweed and Rohan in Rocking Rohan

Intermittent "snag" type fault showing up after wash and wear - drat.

“Intermittent “snag” type fault showing up after wash and wear – drat”

A few weeks ago this question appeared on the Rohan forum from outdoorenthusiast

Q.   “Any chance of Rohan tweed?”

A.    “Not at the moment, sorry”!

There are lots of comments about tweed on this thread on the forum

Today Tim came back with this update for us…

Herringbone technical fabric, showing cuff button detail for scale.

Re: Any chance of Rohan tweed?
Update on the technical tweed… Do you want the bad news or the bad news?? Sorry to say that our fantastic, new, Italian, technical “tweed” fabric for Autumn 2013 launch has just FAILED in wear testing. This is more than a tad frustrating, though I have to say from my point of view not completely unforeseen – you may be surprised by just how much does not pass our wear testing and lab testing. The fabric WAS (drat) a very attractive mix of natural and technical fibres in a subtle, marled, herringbone design. I kept meaning to post a picture, but it all seems a bit academic now. The problems were two-fold: generally “pilling” rates lab tested as quite high and proved to be higher than we could accept in real life. Secondly, a small part of the marl yarn started to shed out of the fabric. This presented as intermittent black dots, looking almost like fabric “snags” dotted over the fabric. Both these effects were quite subtle, but would not pass muster with the (quite rightly) more demanding of our customers – nor with ourselves.
Where this leaves us is with the task of re-developing this cloth, either with this Italian mill and/or with another mill altogether. This will take quite a time, so there will be inevitably further delays. Wish us luck – and apologies for the bad news if you were waiting for this… Tim Jasper

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