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Yesterday saw the completion of the first ever Meet The Chairman and Birthday celebration, with the celebrations moving over from the grand old lady of Glasgow and her twenty five years of service to the brand to the passionate and playful puppy that is Rohan Perth which was celebrating its first year.

And it certainly didn’t disappoint, the day was filled with Rohanists coming in the store to wish us well – and with the shop full of tempting winter offerings buying the odd piece to add to their winter wardrobes became almost unavoidable. Many brought in treasured items from the early days of the brand, some even came dressed in them – though how people can still fit into clothes they bought in the 1980’s is a mystery that was obviously lost on me somewhere between the main course and the desert trolley!

perth party

Colin arrived early and was instantly pressed into action on the shop floor, with early shoppers glad to have the opportunity to talk to the Chairman – before making their purchases and wandering homeward. As afternoon turned to evening the store, small but perfectly formed, filled up to the point where getting items of clothing from one end of the store to the other became reminiscent of those old movies where barn fires were put out by lines of people passing buckets of water from hand to hand, from the well to the fire – or in our case, the stockroom to the customer.

Colin and our Rohan Bubbly winner – Mrs Carrington-Calvert.

It struck home last night how privileged we are not only to have forty years experience in designing the best clothing we can, but we have benefited immeasurably from the feedback on our range from our customers over those forty years – helping us to develop classic designs into essential bits of kit. Colin, as ever, was making notes to ensure that all feedback would be passed on.

All that is left for me to do is to thank everyone concerned for the last two days especially the Rohanists and Colin for his (well, just for being Colin actually – and if you have met him you would know what I mean, without that passion the events just would not be anything like they are), to all the Rohan Perth team who worked so are to make this event so successful

Biggest thanks go to the customers, who made last night’s event – and all the others – such a joy.

Craig Lees – Rohan Northern Area Manager




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