Gift Your Gear – Congratulations and thanks!

Gift Your Gear - thank you!

Gift Your Gear has been a resounding success.

During the month of September Rohan partnered with ROG and Gift Your Gear to provide an ‘in shop take back service’ for all reusable outdoor jackets, trousers and fleece. This offer included used unwanted clothing from all outdoor brands, not just Rohan Outdoor Clothing.

The Rohan Shops have been busy collecting all the returned garments from, not only Rohan customers but all members of the UK outdoor community.

Gift your gear will benefit others
The outdoor gear you donated will make a real difference to the local community organisations, youth groups and charities who receive it. Enabling others to benefit from life changing experiences in the great outdoors, regardless of their circumstance. All outdoor gear donated to Gift Your Gear is reused for its original purpose. It is not traded, recycled or sent to landfill

Sarah Howcroft founder of ROG and Gift Your Gear

What has struck me over the life of the Rohan – Gift Your Gear partnership has been the enthusiasm and willingness to participate in the spirit of Gift Your Gear by all the Rohan Shop teams and all who so kindly donated cherished gear. What a partnership.

We are now starting to sort through all the gear and it is really amazing the condition that some of the clothing is in a real example of sustainability through longevity and a tremendous testament to the original design and production values. I have seen Rohan Garments that are over 30 years old that will be used again for exactly what they where originally designed for.

Congratulations and thank you.

  • To Rohan for making such long-lasting clothing,
  • To all the Rohan staff for making this happen
  • To all the outdoor community for donating such fantastic kit
  • A special thanks to all Rohanists who donated much love vintage Rohan.

I am keen to record the story of Gift Your Gear because it is an industry first. It is important to show that Gift Your Gear has been beneficial for all participants. The stories of recipients of Gift your Gear will be told on Rohantime. Partnerships like this one can help to move the industry towards a more sustainable development path.

One final and sincere Thank You and let’s do it all again very soon… 

We are really proud to announce that Rohan, our  co founder Sarah Howcroft and ROG has been nominated in this years   TGO – The Great Outdoors Awards. A really big thank you to all who voted for us. Voting is now open to select the winner on this link


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