Another successful Meet the Chairman event

another successful Meet the Chairman event

Morning Everyone

Last night I was lucky, once again, to attend to one of our Birthday Celebration/Meet the Chairman/Shop events –this time in one of our jewels in the North, Rohan Glasgow. This grand old lady has been trading our Brand for a quarter of a century now and with this fantastic new winter range in store she looks as sprightly and youthful as she did in the eighties.

I arrived just after the doors opened and already there was a queue at the till, always a great sign and the staff were up and ready for a challenge. It was decided that we would shoot for the moon with our target for the day – just like the shop did when she was still in her infancy and there were only half a dozen Rohan Shops in the UK – and so the day began.

For me the great pleasure in these days is the interaction with so many of our nearest and dearest customers – all with stories of garments old and new, treasured memories of travels that were enhanced by an anecdote around some item of clothing supplied in this store. Talking to Colin later that evening we both noticed that some customers shop during the day and return in the evening just to tell the of how much they appreciate the staff and the service provided – this is true not only of yesterday but of all the MTC events, in all the stores, Colin has hosted.

glasgow food

As day turned to night mothers of staff members appeared laden with home baked cakes and goodies, Mags had baked some meringues, sandwiches were brought in and the party began.  As ever Colin worked his magic on the shop floor, the team mantra was “buy it today, you will regret it tomorrow if you don’t”. The sales total crept ever closer to the goal, the team refilled the glasses of the customers and pressed on.

As always on these occasions when you step out for a second, take some air and look back into the shop you cannot help to be filled with pride – loyal, passionate customers served by committed, driven and equally passionate staff with a Chairman calmly purporting himself in the centre of the storm selling as effectively as the best of us.

glasgow congrats

So there we are, another successful Meet the Chairman event, thanks to Mags and all at team Glasgow for a fantastic event, thanks to Colin for yet again “wowing” the crowds, thanks to all our customers who pay our wages and make working for this business a joy – and thanks to the Glasgow Shop, thanks for the last quarter of a century of memories.

As promised, a bottle of Bubbly for Mags – awarded for a fantastic day by Colin – a challenge taken on and achieved.

Today the party moves to Rohan Perth see you there!

Craig Lees – Northern Area Manager

Rohan Heritage

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