Our Nightfall Jacket is pretty much essential!

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The warmest jacket in our range, our Nightfall Jacket is perfect for high mountain camping and winter trekking – but just as useful around town in bitterly cold winter conditions.

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, and you’re not the type to be forced back inside by the first signs of frost, then a good quality down jacket is one of the very best investments you can possible make.

When you’re getting really cold, the knowledge that you’ve got something in your rucksack that you can pull out, stick on and solve the problem instantly – is incredibly reassuring.

If you’re trekking and camping in the mountains, our Nightfall Jacket is pretty much essential.

You might not wear it much during the day, but as soon as the sun goes down, temperatures can drop like a stone – even in the summer. So, unless you’re happy to get into your sleeping bag and go to bed at 7pm, you’re going to need to carry something warm. A good down jacket can turn the evenings from a rather unpleasant battle of wills with the creeping cold into a pleasant, enjoyable social experience. Sitting outside your tent, cooking a meal for everyone, watching the granite turn pink, thinking about the next day, telling tall stories and maybe even treating yourself to a small sip of whisky is what it’s all about. And, if you’re sitting there shivering, it’s no fun at all.

Given the amount of insulation required and the fact that you’re going to need to carry it in your rucksack, it’s important that a good down jacket is as thermally efficient as possible.

And, on that score, our Nightfall Jacket really delivers.

It’s filled with premium European goose down with a measured fill power of 800+. Realistically, that’s the best that’s commercially available and practically usable. If you’ve not experienced down of this quality before, the result is astonishing – at first, it’s hard to reconcile the weight and packed size with the warmth and comfort it’s capable of providing.

And the design of the Nightfall Jacket certainly maximises the remarkable properties of this amazing filling.

The shell is a hardwearing but, at only 28gsm, incredibly light polyamide with our advanced, 20 wash Durable Water Repellency™ finish. It’s not water or rain proof – but in the real world, it really helps to stop the down from getting damp.

The Nightfall Jacket features a large, insulated hood which adjusts with our One-Pull™ system for a nice, close fit. It’s completely removable giving you the option to save weight in the mountains or smarten up the jacket’s appearance round town.

The full-length front zip features an anti-snag strip and a comfortable throat guard.

The two large front pockets are zipped and fleece lined for cosy, hand-warming comfort.

The large zipped inside pocket offers plenty of storage capacity and doubles as a Packpocket™ into which the whole jacket packs for convenient stowage and transportation. It features an integral snap hook for easy attachment.

The hem adjusts with easy-grab puller to fine-tune the fit and seal in the warmth.

Fabric: 100% polyamide with DWR™ outer, 100% polyamide lining with 800+ fill power premium goosedown fill.
Weight: 560g
Pack Size: 2300ml

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