Young Rohanists celebrate with Kendal Mint Cake…

Jack & Chantelle Eisma Clinch, on Norman's Law, Fife - Photo by Peter Clinch

Rohan are 40 years old, and they are celebrating with a contest to win art by Philip Spellacy and lots of Rohan clothes. All you have to do is take a photo’ of someone enjoying a bar of their celebration Kendal Mint Cake.

Not being much of a photographer or any sort of creative it had to be a Daft Idea using what we had to hand, which was a terminal gear junkie’s oversized supply of old Rohan clothes, a splendid day and a nearby hill with a great view.

Here are the Eisma-Clinch family’s attempts, all basically the same but I couldn’t really choose between them…

Pictures taken by Peter Clinch, featuring Jack and Chantelle Eisma-Clinch, on Norman’s Law, Fife. September 22nd 2012


“Having discovered why Philip Spellacy’s landscapes are so vividly coloured the young Rohanists celebrate with Kendal Mint Cake…”

Jack & Chantelle on Norman's Law, Fife

Jack & Chantelle on Norman's Law, Fife

Jack & Chantelle on Norman's Law, Fife


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