Happy Birthday Rohan from the team at Rohan Perth

Happy Birthday Rohan From Rohan Perth

Happy Birthday Rohan!

The Team at Rohan Perth would just like to wish Rohan a very Happy 40th Birthday this year!

A customer recently brought in some old Rohan catalogues to the Perth shop. So we just couldn’t resist this opportunity to bring you some of the highlights by way of this birthday tribute. Perhaps it will spark some memories for Rohan staff and customers across the UK.

Please note this is only a selection of catalogues from 1987, and 1991-1999. So merely a snapshot in the history of Rohan, but some amusing anecdotes nonetheless.

What struck us most when looking through the catalogues is how much the world has changed and how Rohan has changed along with it. Everything from introducing many new fabric technologies, to new colours, patterned fabrics, and innovative new products.

1999 saw the ‘concern about ozone depletion and sun exposure leading to sun protection factors being added to Rohan clothing. I wonder how many other clothing manufacturers were this quick to adapt to the changing environment?

In defence of the move to Milton Keynes, one of the arguments for modern life is that in 1987…

‘you can have twelve television channels if you want them’! And please note that’ the only thing you will not find in M.K. is traffic problems. A traffic jam is when there is another car in front of you at the roundabout and it takes four minutes to get to work instead of three.’ Those were the days!

In 1992 a news cameraman is modelling how the high performance outdoor clothing helps his line of work. One feature is the large zipped pocket on the ‘Wild Vest’ in which he has a huge video tape. This probably weighs more than the vest he is carrying it in!

Many non crease linen clothes appeared way back in 1997 and cycling ranges even earlier in 1994.

1999 sees the new Rohan website being launched. Where would we be now without on-line shopping? Being able to search in the sale by size, saving time and money!

Way back in 1987 the versatility of Rohan Bags is being highlighted for many uses, including protest marching! We should really do more of that these days, who can we protest to about the weather this year?

On the subject of Rohan Bags, the 1999 catalogue features a look at Bags over the years, from ‘Hot Bags’ in 1985, to ‘Action Bags’ in 1987, to ‘Winter Bags’ in 1989 to ‘Bags Shorts’ in 1994. We look forward to the next Bags innovation…

1994 saw the introduction of the Trekker crewneck Fleece, in a pattern described as ‘understated style’! This has to be seen to be believed.

In 1996 the Trapper Shirt is described as a ‘lumberjack’s dream’! Any contented lumberjacks out there?

1990 sees the introduction of ladies Culottes, ‘as an alternative to Bags for the serious walker or for everyday wear’. By 1993 these have been replaced by a skirt, only to return again briefly in 1997. Please note, not to be confused with Skorts.

If you’ve got any old catalogues in the loft, please share your favourite quote or Rohan innovation!

Here are a couple of pictures of Sylvia and Katrina sporting their vintage gear for your amusement!

Rohan Perth Katrina   Rohan Perth Sylvia

Katrina is wearing Red Javas from approximately 15 years ago and a Medina Shirt from about 5 years ago.

Sylvia is wearing an Angel Fleece.

We look forward to welcoming you to our 40th Birthday celebration and meet our Chairman – on Wednesday 3rd October

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