All roads lead to WooFbridge – The free coat is for you!


The free coat is for you NOT the dog…..

It’s fantastic that towns become famous for something, Leicester is famous for crisps, Blackpool is famous for the tower, Axminster is famous for carpets and now, (for a few weeks anyway) Woodbridge is famous for having lots of Dog owners.

It was clear, from the alterations made to the town name signs (the “d” replaced with an “f”) that WooFbridge was taking its dog event seriously and was excited to be welcoming many dogs into the town.

Scrappy Nelson and his friend Rohan (@scrappyn & @rohantheBT) dragged us into the doorway of every shop along the “thoroughfare” hunting out the treats, water bowls and toys displayed in every shop door and shop window as we headed towards to Rohan shop. The “us” being dragged along by the 2 dogs were me, Andria, friend of Rohan Mike Hervey-Murray and his friend Sharon. The Woodbridge Rohan shop were sponsoring the event and our task for the day was to enter as many people as possible into our competition to win a Rohan Jacket.

Having won an archery Paralympic bronze medal in 1984 Mike (and his dog Rohan) is a bit of a local celebrity and very quickly found himself being interviewed in the main ring by the host. The excited reaction he received from the crowd shows how the Paralympics have captured the imagination of so many people, it even surprised Mike when he found himself in the centre of a small crowd of people asking for an autograph.

There must have been 200+ people, and their dogs, attending the event, which is a credit to the efforts of Neil Boast from Choose Woodbridge  who given that, by his own admission, has never organised anything like this, did a brilliant job of not only organising a fun event, but also raising the profile of Woodbridge and the community.

woofbridge underway

Our goal was firstly to support Neil and secondly to offer all attendees the opportunity to win a Rohan Daybreak Jacket provided by the Rohan Woodbridge shop owners. Interestingly, the hardest part of offering people the opportunity to win a coat was explaining that the coat was for them and NOT for their Dogs.

Much to our disappointment Scrappy and Rohan entered, but did not win, 1 of the 7 dog show categories. Having said that, now we have arrived home and piled up all the free samples of dog food, treats and toys Andria and Sharon collected, the day can only be described as a great success.

On behalf of Rohan, thank you to Neil and for a great event and thank you to Mike Hervey-Murray (and of course @rohantheBT) for supporting and representing us. As one of the event sponsors, Rohan, and our shop in Woodbridge were delighted to play our part and support your efforts in promoting Woodbridge.

Ian Palmer – Rohan Retail Director


Rohan Heritage

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