Gift Your Gear – Tremendous response in Rohan Shops

rohan label rohan heritage 1993

Rohan Garment Label circa 1993 one of many garments donated to Gift Your Gear.

We have been talking about Gift Your Gear which is currently underway in all Rohan Shops and is proving to be very successful, lots of great used garments are being donated to Gift Your Gear to benefit community groups and charities.

Outdoor Gear heritage is well represented, not only Rohan but across all the outdoor brands. Some real golden oldies from years gone by are being donated.

A really big thank you to everyone who donated to Gift Your Gear. The word from the Rohan Shops is the response so far has been tremendous.

What has been really interesting is the reaction from the Rohan Shop teams younger members. They have been handling garments from the early 1970’s that are still going strong. Made in the days before Gore-tex and fleece. These garments are still fit for the purpose they were designed and manufactured for. Their conversations on Twitter about these heritage garments has Rohan 40 yearsbeen great.

The stories of each and every garment donated to Gift Your Gear have been tremendous. We are working hard to capture as many of the stories and memories as possible on Rohantime.

Below is a selection of the more unusual garments donated.


Donated to Gift Your Gear at Rohan Ambleside  – Identified by Ben at Rohan Keswick

The two garments above are 1990/1 Shamal and Erebus. The Erebus fleece zipped into the Shamal. Both are interesting products, I think the Erebus( and there was an overhead version called Elegon) was the first fleece Rohan produced and the Shamal was the first microfibre jacket and the first interactive system. The Erebus also zipped into a waterproof jacket called Tagus  – Ben Rohan Keswick

Gift Your Gear Rohan Shorts Rohan Cambridge

Donated to Gift Your Gear at Rohan Cambridge  – Rohan Shorts 1980’s when they were called Rohan Shorts before they became Bags Shorts.

Matt - Rohan Winchester Rohan Hyde Mark 11

Donated to Gift Your Gear at Rohan Winchester  –  Matt at Rohan Winchester models a very rare find a Rohan Hyde Mark 2 (1984).

Rohan Bags returned Gift your Gear rohan winchester

Donated to Gift Your Gear at Rohan Manchester – Striking trio of Rohan Bags of many colour, sizes and vintages donated .

Gift Your Gear Rohan Winchester

Donated to Gift Your Gear at Rohan Winchester – Just to prove it’s not only about heritage garments Rohan Winchester shows off a current Rohan Garments donated to Gift Your Gear

Gift Your Gear Rohan Knutsford Rohan Moving on 1989

Donated to Gift Your Gear at Rohan Knutsford – A great example of a Mark 2 Moving On 1989

Donated to Gift Your Gear at Rohan Cheltenham – Text from Rohan Cheltenham on Facebook

Mr and Mrs Richards have just been into the Cheltenham store to gift some of their old gear. They didn’t just want to gift just one item but 10! Anyone recognise any of these lovely items??

Rohan Heritage

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