Rohan Freelance 18 well worth the money!

Freelance 18

Freelance 18 – Here is my report Rohan!

Purchased it 16 days ago and gave it a good hammering!
Walking around London – on Aircraft – work – car travel – even for Archery gear!

Very light weight, good size compartments, secure with great magnetic bag clips. The material is similar I guess to light weight tent material and dirt/stain marks were easily cleaned off. The handle is really good to hold and does not sweat. The Bag strap is very good indeed and does not fall off your shoulders. It has held heavy shopping, light weight clothing, sports gear, food and papers.

A very versatile bag indeed, Where it came into its own was taking light clothing, sensible wash bag size and iPad etc on an aircraft for a two day stay away with work. Good secure pocket for mobile phone and if u have the phone on vibrate, The vibration travels up the shoulder strap/handle alerting you! – bet u didn’t know that Rohan!

Overall I would give this bag 10/10 and well worth the money . The Rohan Freelance 18 functional, smart and the perfect size!

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