A very happy birthday to you all at Rohan

 “I had completed my ascent of Pen y Fan. I managed a time of 57minutes (there and back), for a 64 year old that is very good going.

I am enjoying my complimentary Kendal mint cake (thanks), and wearing my brand new Escapist jacket. My sunglasses are Monte Rosa and my trousers are my old faithful from Rohan and are the Uplander multi light plus.

Thanks again Rohan for the fantastic gear – it does what it says on the label and I hope to be wearing my new jacket for many years to come along with all the other items that I have purchased from Rohan”. John of Hereford

Johns Story…

A very happy birthday to you all!

Thank you for sending me a gift card for £10 and also the opportunity to save 15% off clothing if I donated a pair of old Rohan trousers. The problem is, which pair do I part with! In the end my wife convinced me that the one pair with a size 34 waist had to go as over the years my waistline has expanded to a size 36! I hot footed it over to Cheltenham as I discovered there was a Rohan shop there. I usually go to the Rohan shop in Hay on Wye. The proprietor and her staff in Hay on Wye are wonderful and know me quite well now.

Whenever I go into the shop in Hay on Wye we have a good chat and I always comment on how well made the clothing is and how long it has lasted. I am always impressed by the knowledge the sales staff have on all the clothing and equipment.

You seem like an old friend as I have been purchasing Rohan clothing for many years now.

I cannot remember when I purchased my first pair of Rohan trousers or where, but I have several pairs now and do not wear anything else.

The most amazing thing to happen to me in the last 40 years was when I was a young soldier in the 22 SAS Regiment here in Hereford. I was serving in Oman and at the time of my service the iconic Battle of Mirbat took place. I was not at Mirbat but at a location close by.

I was honoured to arrange the “40th” anniversary dinner that was held this year to commemorate the Battle of Mirbat here in Hereford and it was a huge success with many of the “old boys” attending.

I only wish we had the luxury of Rohan clothing then. We had to endure many days and nights in either desert conditions or freezing cold and wet on the Brecon Beacons! Good character building!

I am running up Pen y Fan on Sunday with my brand new Rohan Escapist Jacket (purchased in Rohan Cheltenham today) – Team Blue in colour as the wife thinks it matches my eyes! I will be taking my complimentary bar of Kendal Mint Cake with me and will send you a photo when I finish my run!

Thanks again Rohan for your wonderful products. I have even got the wife hooked!

Best wishes

John of Hereford

All photo’s for the competition to: competition@rohan.co.uk please

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