Rohan Men’s Kosi Jacket Review

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Men’s Rohan Kosi Jacket

I have never paid more than £60 for a fleece before and was a little skeptical that a fleece costing over £80 could justify the amount of money I was being asked to pay.

I was an early adopter of windproof fleece in all its guises as my wardrobe can testify. To date, I have yet to find one that does what it says on the label. I have struggled with sweaty, frozen and down right uncomfortable garments.

I was attracted to the Rohan Kosi Jacket because of the clever solution of just putting a soft windproof lining where it is needed and still allowing a degree of breathability in the rest of the garment. A simple and effective solution.
This works particularly well when carrying a rucksack. The jacket is very soft and lacks the stiff  board like feel of most windproof fleeces that use a sandwiched membrane and is reasonably quick drying.

I am on a New Year trip to Austria, so I will be testing my Kosi in earnest.

Pete D

Rohan Heritage

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