Rohan celebrates 40 years with Iconic Rohan Bags at 40

Bags at 40

There have been many column inches written about Rohan Bags over the last 30 plus years.

Since the very early days way back in 1979/80 when Bags, as we know them today, first came to the market lots has been written about them. What better way to find out more about Rohan Bags than to visit the Rohantime archive.
From the 1983 Workshop Manual

Originally designed for mountaineers to go to and from the mountains, yet take up virtually no space or weight in their rucksack. Now they have developed into the travel pants as used by leading explorers, naturalists etc as everyday wear – and by businessmen off duty when abroad. Their ability to be warm or cool, their durability and knack of emerging from weeks in a sack or months in the jungle still looking good makes Bags even more user friendly. Read More


From 1987 catalogue

Bags – The Thinking Mans Jeans

One is almost at a loss to know what to say about Rohan Bags. They have become so universally accepted that it is hard to believe that anyone could be unaware of their benefits. Bags are standard for practical people as Swiss Army Knives. Used on every continent, with endless uses by an infinite number of varied individuals.

Never the less for those who are new to Rohan or have been in a Siberian salt mine for the last few years, its worth listing the benefits and uses. You never know you might find one that you hadn’t thought of. Read more


We’re 40…
                    Our Iconic Bags are £40

Rohan 40 years

To celebrate 40 years we are selling our Bags at £40 until the 13th September 2012 (whilst stocks last) both in Rohan Shops, Online and Mail Order please call 0800 840 1412. Maximum two pairs per customer and this offer excludes all other discounts.

According to our Bags Price Index that tracks the price of Rohan Bags since 1979 that’s actually 1991/1992 prices.


Rohan Heritage

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