Gift Your Gear and benefit local community organisations

Gift your gear - ROG and Rohan

Have you got outdoor gear you no longer want or use?

That fleece top you wore for a bit but never seem to use anymore or those trousers that are no longer comfortable to wear. Maybe you have caught a few remarks in your house along the lines of how much kit does one person need.

If the answer is Yes this will be of interest to you.

For the month of September, Rohan has partnered with ROG and the Gift Your Gear initiative, to offer you the opportunity to take unwanted usable outdoor trousers, fleece and jackets, regardless of brand, to your nearest Rohan Store and get money off a new purchase made the same day. That’s all brands, not just Rohan jackets, fleece and trousers. So you can own up to having other brands as well as Rohan.

You will receive either 15% off for Rohan or 10% off for non Rohan returns of useable trousers, fleece or jackets against a new purchase made the same day. The offer is available in store only and excludes socks, underwear and footwear’. Discount will only be given for items accepted by the shop manager. Discount will be per transaction not individual item and ends on 30th September 2012

The returns must be a condition that they can be reused for their intended purpose. The offer excludes socks, underwear and footwear.

Gift your gear and benefit others
The outdoor gear you donate will make a real difference to the local community organisations, youth groups and charities who receive it. Enabling others to benefit from life changing experiences in the great outdoors, regardless of their circumstance. All outdoor gear donated to Gift Your Gear is reused for its original purpose. It is not traded, recycled or sent to landfill.

Sarah Howcroft founder of ROG told Rohantime
Gift your Gear“If an outdoor jacket is worn for a couple of years then ends up forgotten in the back of a wardrobe its useful life is never achieved. Most outdoor gear will last much longer than most people want or need. If that jacket is donated through Gift Your Gear to a local community organisation, youth group or charity working in the outdoors. Not only is the useful life of the jacket extended but also another person gets to experience the joy of good gear”

Rohantime will be featuring stories from the local community organisations, youth groups and charities who will have benefited from Gift Your Gear


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