15 Rohan Originals at Keswick

Flashback Sohao Hyde

We are happy to report the Rohan Originals collection in the last few weeks has  received some great new editions. Ben, Christeen, Neil and the Keswick team have successfully established a comprehensive collection of vintage Rohan garments, many donated to the collection by Rohanists of very long standing. The collection resides at Rohan Keswick and is displayed on the walls in the Keswick shop.

We have reported on Rohantime the story of the collection as it has unfolded over the year.  Now we have some very special news. The collection has grown by not one garment but four and now stands at 15 great examples of the history of Rohan.

The newest editions are:

Flashback Jacket. Read the Flashback story on Rohantime. A big thank you to Ian and Anne Ellmore for the jacket.

Sohao. Story coming soon on Rohantime

The Master Jacket. Early Rohan Goretex Jacket. Story coming soon on Rohantime

Jekyll & Hyde the Schizophrenic Body Wear System. Story coming soon on Rohantime

So we can all keep up with the collection Ben has provided a comprehensive list of the garments on display at Rohan Keswick. We will be sharing  the unique story of the history of all these garments on Rohantime over the next few months.

1. Action Jacket
2. Master Jacket
3. Pacer
4. Flashback
5. Sohao
6. Jekyll and Hyde
7. Pampas
8. Black Strider
9. Moving On MK1
10. Tundra
11. Strider
12. Starkhorn
13. Bags
14. Bags
15. One piece

Next time you’re in The Lakes call in and see the Rohan Original collection at Rohan Keswick and share your story with us all please on Rohantime. We can’t all get to The Lakes, more’s the pity.

The final words from Ben

“A big thank you to all who have given or loaned their classic Rohan garments to our Rohan Original Collection. We are all very proud of our collection. The recent great example of the Flashback jacket from by Ian and Anne Ellmore is really appreciated by us all. Huge thanks to Christeen and Neil for their help”

Rohan Heritage

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