Rohan scores at Stoke City FC

Rohan Merino crew and leggings

Hang the expense, I finally succumbed…and what a sound investment! 20-odd years of sitting and shivering whilst watching my beloved Stoke City FC, I’d tried everything: synthetic thermal underwear, various layers, portable hand-warmers, Motty-style sheepskin coat, a down jacket, Peruvian llama wool jumpers, all in various combinations and layers. The Merino underkit had its first football outing today, with a few carefully chosen layers. The result was 100% SUCCESS! Warm throughout the 90 minutes at last!

Anyone out there have a Basset Hound? We have two. Now, an hour’s walk with a Basset is 55 minutes of peeing and sniffing, and 5 minutes of very slow walking. Hardly sufficient to work up a sweat, just shivering misery. The Merino crew and leggings means this Winter will be different.

It’s comfortable, a great fit (XS), non-bulky and lightweight, easy to wash and dry, odour-resistant, non-itchy and easy to put on. Football and dog walking apart, it’s ideal under most cool weather clobber. Reduced heating bills this year, methinks…

Cheers, guys, for another great piece of kit


Rohan Heritage

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