Rohan Perth Sylvia and Katrina talk about Rohan clothing

Sylvia and Katrina Rohan Perth

Continuing the Rohantime articles featuring the Rohan Perth staff, this week we caught up with Sylvia Bryan.

Sylvia has found it great fun working in the Rohan shop in Perth. All the customers have been genuinely lovely people with some fantastic stories to tell.

Just take the other week as a snapshot example :-

We had a man in the shop who works for the Orient Express. He had come all the way to Perth just to see the Queen, who was visiting Scotland for her Diamond Jubilee and to give Perth its City status.

Unfortunately the man missed seeing her. His wife had gone off shopping somewhere else, so he came into the Rohan shop by himself for the first time and ended up buying a Furnace Fleece and Mountain Guide Jacket. He works outdoors a lot of the time on the railway right up in the Highlands of Scotland. So the fleece and the jacket were perfect for his needs, to be able to do his job properly and enjoy the beauty of the mountains and glens, whilst still keeping warm and dry!

The next customer in the shop had a friend who had been to the doctors that week very stressed as she was in charge of cooking lunch for the Queen that day. She bought a pair of Roamers as these trousers were perfect for her walk along the West Highland Way. She loved the fact they were lightweight to carry and stretchy for comfort as well as fast drying in the rain.

Then a musician came to the shop, who had played music on the film ‘Gregory’s Girl’. He bought a Crossborder Jacket in slate blue, and En Route trousers in graphite as they looked so good together. He wanted to look smart as he was going to play some Gaelic music for the Queen during her trip to Perth.

One last customer had met the Queen and said she was lovely person and put you at ease. If the Queen had to sit next to you at a dinner she would always have her advisor’s find out a little about you first. She was going to try the St. Cuthbert’s Way with her husband and was looking for a good jacket. She ended up buying the new Hilltop jacket in nightshade check. She liked the very subtle check and it offered good protection being windproof and waterproof and a good length.

So you see, even in the space of a day there are all these fascinating stories, all with a Royal theme, but you never know what interesting tales you will hear. And that’s just part of the charm of working for Rohan.

Sylvia has gone on holiday to Portugal this Summer to try and catch a bit of sun. She bought quite a few Rohan summer clothes for the trip, her favourites being the Basic T Cardi, and some Linen Trousers. And the great thing about her Thailand Trousers, is that she had time to wash them the night before she left and still wear them to travel the next day! The clothes were perfect for the 30 degree temperatures and kept her cool as well as offering UVA protection. While she was there she also did a bit of cycling and wore the Windrush jacket. She loved the fact the clothes were lightweight as this meant lower luggage fares, and they didn’t crease! Talking of luggage, she took her new Stravaig 35 which was a lovely neat backpack, meaning her hands were free to help her mother to walk onto the plane.

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Rohan Perth Sylvia and Katrina talk about Rohan clothing

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