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From time to Rohantime we thought it would be great to share some stories by the Rohan staff of their favourite Rohan gear. The first story and the original idea came from Rohan Keswick. Next we have John Rigby Operations Manager Milton Keynes

John what do you use?
Rohan Buffs (all colours)
Rohan Socks cool and cold (navy 9-12)

When I joined Rohan in October 2008 the Company and the clothes seemed to be a great concept with great products but just a little too small for the fuller figure gent, I’m build around the adage “Great size for playing rugby but not fitting main stream clothing sizes”. So there wasn’t a great deal of choice for someone of my size, but what there was is great.
Those of you who went down to the Dunster camping weekend with Rohan will probably remember me with my son Isaac doing the car parking , air bed duties oh and looking after the bar overnight  (what a great weekend, we both had).
So what do I use the buff and socks for? Well, as a born again biker (mind is willing but the body weaker) I now ride full time in all weathers come rain or shine covering over fourteen thousand miles last year with only three days not being able to use the bike due to the snow.
I find the Rohan Buffs really usefully for keeping the cold out around the neck area pulling the buff up to my nose and over my ears giving me a really snug fit, so when I have to use my flip front helmet, I have a nice cover protecting my chin and mouth with no problem with the buffs getting wet from my breath. There are a couple of problems though,
One is which one to use some great colour’s and pattern’s and the other is getting them back off Helen my wife when she’s borrowed one to use while watching our sons play for Olney rugby club.
Now on to the Rohan Socks what a great product, talk about keeping your feet warm and dry really comfortable, comfort fit at the top and non smelly, well worth the asking price. In fact, I would pay double the costs once you have cold feet on a bike you just have to stop and try and get warm again. I’m really looking forward to trying out the longer length sock’s, I know that they are meant to be used with the Superstrider breeches but when the real cold weather comes, I know who’s going to be a happy biker.

Regards John

Rohan Heritage

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