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Cityscape and I have been constant companions for nearly a year now. We have travelled a lot together during the year. All of it on buses, trains and ferries. Nothing exotic, all business. I now feel qualified to pass comment on the Rohan Cityscape with Inner Flame Jacket.

We have been through the British spring, summer and are now in the British winter season together. The underlying weather through most of the seasons has been rain.  All types of rain, soft rain and the stuff that soaks you to the skin – no that didn’t happen. The Barricade™ fabric is faultless. The soft-touch inner is just that, easy and super comfortable to wear.

Above all over this period I have fallen in love with the Inner Flame Jacket. This is an ultra lightweight 100% polyester filled lining that detaches from the outer jacket with ease. I can now do it in the dark. It is a jacket in its own right. I think I wear the Flame Jacket on its own as much as I wear the outer. It has a minimalist appeal that I like a lot.

Once during the summer months I left the Inner Flame Jacket behind. Not an easy decision, but it was summer after all. I found myself on the night ferry and the inner flame makes a great cover up, curled up in the corner of the seat. I missed it and now its always with me whatever the season.

The combined weight is 650 grams for the outer and 320 grams for the inner. My first impression was the jacket was a little heavy, experience has taught me that it is, in fact, a great combination. That’s all I take. It’s my only waterproof and my only warm wear. There have been many a long evening and nights on the bus and train when I have just worn the inner flame jacket over my T shirt. Because it is so light and delivers a high degree of warm it is very easy to wear. One observation a pocket on the outside of the Inner Flame would be great.

The jacket packs down very small. In fact, I notice that the pack size stated on the website is 1800 ml for the outer and 1500 ml for the inner. From experience, I have achieved a lot less. I was worried about the stiffened peak on the hood of the Cityscape as I pushed it into my very small travel bag. It was unfounded.

The Rohan Cityscape is a winner especially when you need to look smart. All of my travel is dictated by business, so I have to look the part. I tip out of bus and train stations and walk into business meetings without looking for that place to turn into the city person. The black jacket over dark trousers (my choice is carbon Bags) with a black T shirt just works.

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