Taming the Wolf…

Iain, Martina and Matt

We are not Tri-athletes…

Saturday duly arrived and Matt and I made our way over to Carrbridge for the third running of the Wicked Wolf Triathlon. Team briefing was at 9.45am and our bus to the start at Lochindorb left at 10.50am. We had cunningly registered the night before, so we just had to turn up and get ready.

The bus dropped me off at transition 1 and took Matt up to the start of his 3K run leg.

MattSlightly apprehensive as he had been told there would be obstacles on the course, we let our first leg team mate off the leash, the Silver Fox… as I walked to the start i noticed hay bales we would have to negotiate on the run to the road, looked interesting. We gathered and waited for the hooter, I took up position in the middle of the field and off we went. The front runners disappeared at pace but I stuck to my guns taking up a pace I was happy with, and soon noticed transition 1 up ahead along side the castle.

IainAs I approached transition 1 I could see our second leg team mate waiting… soon I could see runners coming into view, Matt not too far from the front, he raced in, tagged me, and I jumped onto the saddle of a bike I had never ridden before (hint: not advisable) for 30K. I had, in my infinite wisdom decided to ditch both my Full and Front suspension bikes in favour of a Rigid forked 29inch wheeled Genesis Fortitude supplied by Dave at Bothy Bikes  in Aviemore, my thanks I think. I wanted something that would run faster on the tarmac sections, it did, but it also shook the living breath out of me off road, and downhill, well see clip below…

Pausing only for a swift dram at the top of the second climb at the start of Docharn Wood, I rode on down into transition 2 and tagged Martina… I saw Iain coming in and got ready to run, the weather was still holding and it looked good for this section of 10K through Ellan and Docharn Woods, Martinasetting off past the famous drovers bridge from which Carrbridge gets its name. The course was well set out and I settled into a good rhythm, the path was firm and nice to run on but not for long as the heavens decided to open and it made the root section on Docharn very slippery, but it was cooling, eventually I turned onto the main street again and headed into the finish, and crossed the line applauded by my team, an excellent time was had by all even in the rain.
Iain-Matt-MartinaWith thanks to Rohan and others generosity we have raised over £300 for Cancer Research, so we are happy with that. Oh and for those interested, we were 5th out of 10 teams and 14th overall. Total time 2hr 49 min

Matt 10 mins, Iain 1 hr 43min and Martina 56mins.
Next year, you bet!


Kit List

Matt: Goa Trousers, Microgrid Stowaway Zip

Iain: Cadence Polo, Bumper Liner

Martina: Ultra Silver T, Windshadow Jacket.


Iain Rohan Inverness, Matt and Martina Rohan Aviemore.


Rohan Heritage

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