Himalaya 2012

Himalaya 2012

I’m Jack Wilson and I have been working in Rohan Beverley for over a year now. I have many hobbies in my life including: rugby, golf, swimming and cadets. I have been a cadet for three years and for the last two I have been planning and training for my expedition to the Himalayas. I studied at Beverley Grammar School and then moved on to Bishop Burton College where I am currently studying public services level 3. I enjoy learning about law and teamwork and this has inspired me to develop my career with the RMP (Royal Military Police).

I was very lucky to be given the opportunity to work in Rohan Beverley last July and since then I have given it my best, with it being my first ever job and not having experience in a shop I know I was very fortunate to now have the experience to work in such a prestigious company. I thoroughly enjoy working in Rohan Beverley, it’s really rewarding and I get a great job satisfaction from working there.


During my time in cadets I have made many friends, enjoyed getting out and taking part in all the adventurous training they could throw at me, I have now completed my Summer Mountain Proficiency, Expedition First Aid, First Aid at Work and Young Life Savers Plus. I have also been given the opportunity to do my Duke of Edinburgh awards and have successfully completed my Bronze and Silver and I have nearly completed my Gold Award. I have also trained to a senior level in cadets and completed many leadership courses and various residential courses all over the UK, I have shown sufficient leadership to promote me to the rank of Corporal and am doing everything I can to be the best I can be. With cadets, work, college and my hobbies I hardly have any time spare but I enjoy what I do and I would be bored without them!

Now after reaching a certain level in training and becoming a certain age, I was given the opportunity to go on the Himalaya 12 expedition. I have been in training since late 2010, from that date I have been earning my way into the team, by Easter 2011 my place was confirmed and the fund raising began. The trip is a reasonable £1,200 pounds for the 4 weeks. While we are in the Himalayas we will be trekking up mount Kala Puttar up to a height of 5,643 m (18,514 ft). Throughout the trek we will walk, trek and scramble up to 550km over the 4 weeks. I have been in training for months and I can’t believe I am now taking the final step and will be there in a few days. I’m going to enjoy myself I couldn’t wish for a better more encouraging team. I am travelling with 20 cadets from the Air cadets the Sea cadets and the Army cadets, and up to 6 adult instructors. I really am going on the trip of a life time, it will be an ongoing battle to reach the top but when I do I really will be “on top of the world”.

I have been given great help and support from both my family and Rohan. I have been provided with an extensive kit and equipment list which will help me in the process of climbing mount Kala Puttar. I have chosen to take the kit and equipment from Rohan, not because I work there but because I have trust in the clothes in the technology to get me to the top.

My kit list includes:

  • Rohan Striders
  • Rohan Elite jacket
  • Rohan Ether pole x2
  • Rohan Superfine merino 200, long sleeve
  • Rohan Stravig daypack 35L
  • Rohan Dry locker bag 90L
  • Rohan Manang Leather Boots
  • Rohan Lapka Trekking Boots
  • Rohan Hot and temperate socks x3
  • Rohan Windshadow jacket
  • Rohan Weather system gloves inner gloves
  • Rohan Winter waterproof gloves
  • Rohan Vital snap top
  • Rohan Polo plus
  • Rohan Volition bow box x2
  • Rohan Volition stern box x2
  • Rohan Expedition shirt
  • Rohan Beacon shirt
  • Rohan Nightfall jacket
  • Rohan Furnace fleece neck gaiter
  • Rohan Volition 40
  • Rohan Trailblazers
  • Rohan Heston hat
  • Rohan Basis T
  • Rohan Compression 2
  • Rohan Compression 5
  • Rohan Pack cell 12
  • Rohan Pack cell 20

 Update on the expedition available on  Himalaya 12

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