Interchange is Changing…

New Mountain Guide with Icepack inside

The perfect convenience of linking a warm mid layer into your waterproof outer layer shouldn’t be underestimated.

For winter walks, when you’re in and out of the car or house all day, or for work or play that keeps you outside for long periods nothing works better.

Although ultimately a system of separate, removable layers offers the most flexibility, many times this just isn’t required.

With Interchange™ you can easily link garments together according to conditions to give you the perfect simplicity of just one warm coat to don and doff.

If you change your mind – or the conditions do – it’s a cinch to separate the liner and the outer back to their constituent parts.

Because we never rest and because we’re always trying to improve things

From this Autumn Interchange™ is changing

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What’s staying the same?

The fundamental linking device is the rear-facing zips in the outer shells that allow the mid layer to be zipped in.

This remains the same: using our YKK 3 gauge zips, chosen because they are finer, lighter, just as strong as heavier zips and run beautifully.

Also remaining the same is the 100% compatible cut and fit of the mid and outer garments. Designed carefully so they dovetail together easily.

So, any previous Interchange™ garment you’ve bought from us will continue to be fundamentally useable.

What’s Changing?

Ideally it’s also good to have linking attachment points at the cuffs and the back neck.

This is so you either don’t pull your lining sleeve inside out when you take off your linked coat, or so it doesn’t sag oddly when you hang it on the back of the door.

For this season the cuffs and back neck attachments are changing.

Previously, there were tabs with snaps attached to the outside of the mid-layers, whether these were fleeces or wadded garments.

Correspondingly there were loops inside the cuffs and at back neck on the outer shells.

Now, the tabs with snaps are inside the outer shells – and the loops are on the mid layers.

There are a couple of benefits to this.

Most mid layers spend most of their lives being worn on their own – so the tabs with snaps seemed a bit superfluous most of the time. Truth be told we also thought they were a tad ugly here…

Finally the proportion of the cost of this feature is higher on these lower priced garments.

Instead, there will be very discreet and colour-matched tapes at the cuffs and back neck of the mid layers: lighter, simpler and less obtrusive.

Putting the tabs with snaps inside the outer coats instead simplifies the mid layers, puts the more complex elements into the more complicated garments and even helps a little to guard against cost rises.

We hope this is ok with everyone, easily understandable and causes no problems.

You will still be able to zip together Interchange™ garments you already own.

You will find that the new mid layers from this Autumn are much more like garments in their own right, rather than looking like they are mainly just liners.

For Interchange™ mid layers and non-waterproof mid/outers look out for men’s Kailash fleece, women’s Shivling fleece and our Icepack range of insulated, windproof, water-resistant garments. All coming soon.

For Interchange™ ready waterproofs our new Mountain Guide and Hilltop Jackets for men and women are appearing in-store now. There’s more to come…

tim jasper  Tim Jasper – Brand Director


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