Six Words for the Great Outdoors

Six words for the Great Outdoors

Ernest Hemingway once wrote a story in just six words “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”.

Can you write a story in just six words related to the great outdoors?.

Here’s a few from the first time this was published on Rohantime.

Please add yours in the comment box below.

  • Silver dawn, steaming tea, summit beckons. – Pete
  • That’s me! climb when ready, climbing? – J. Lloyd
  • Fiery sunset! Camera? Return to summit. – Moss
  • Rushing rivers, skylarks, orchids, Dales Way – B. Parkin
  • Up Scarfell, wrong clothing, need rescue! – M. Preston
  • Sun on back heading for top. – D. Priddin
  • Silent mist, rainbow aura, brocken spectre! – B. Lloyd
  • Climbed hill, fell down, broke ankle – S. Goodgame
  • Steep slope, heavy breathing, summit glory! – C. Sprake
  • Riding horses, into the sunset, us. – B. Akram
  • Morning dew, sheep, reached summit, tea! – J. Battson
  • Sunrise stunning, rucksack ready, wonderful world. – P. Arthan
  • Hilbre Island. Boys Brigade, Shifting sands. – P. Thornton
  • Raindrops on flysheet, back to bed… – P. Clinch
  • New boots, anticipation. Blisters, never went. – A. Wilcock
  • Back pack full of happy memories – C. Ebbrell
  • Climbed up looked down fell off. – D. Malkin
  • Stepped out, wandered,stepped back in. – U. Khan
  • Trees, pooping, Poison Ivy! Rats! – J. Helton
  • One step. What could happen next! – Rock & Fell
  • Shore line, mighty, fine. All mine. – T. Rogers
  • Green, yellow, brown, leaves fall down. – S. Rogers


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  1. Jeff Brown says:

    Been there, done that – I wish.

  2. T. Deare says:

    Some ups. Some downs. Mainly ups.

  3. Peter Clinch says:

    just… get…my… breath… back…

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