Rohan Escapist Jacket

Rohan Men's Escapist Jacket

Rohan Escapist Jacket for men – Getting ready for the Great Escape-ist…

Always an exciting time here in Design when the final pre-Production prototypes of the range start to show up at the office.

Doubly exciting because that means the bulk production is on its way and will be with you very shortly.

Rohan Escapist

In advance of that here is our Sneak Preview of the men’s Escapist Jacket.

Escapist This is a brand new waterproof jacket, designed to “sit” somewhere between our exemplary and ultralight Elite Jacket  and the more “traditional”, “workhorse” Mountain Guide Jacket. It does many of the same uses, but with a new garment profile and design.

Why are we so excited about it?

Well for a start it is built from a brand new waterproof fabric we designed and developed. Using our bespoke, in-house Barricade™ membrane technology it ensures you are bone dry and benefiting from active breathability.

It is also:

Light. At only 111gms per sq metre it is light and supremely comfortable.

Stretchy. Natural stretch is built into the fabric making the Escapist forgiving and easy to move around in. Ideal for more active sports and very comfortable day to day.

Tough. Built from polyamide – which is tougher than polyester and more suitable for robust use.

Reinforced. “Ripstop” yarns in the fabric construction lend a subtle gridded appearance and help us build a tougher fabric at a lower weight.

close-up of main body fabric

The face of the fabric is finished with our Durable Waterproof Repellency™, tested to be at 80% its original effectiveness even after 20 washes – and no special soaps or washing instructions required. This helps water bead up and shed off the surface easily.

The length is a little shorter than Mountain Guide, with an extended rear hem.

The hood is to our highly regarded One-Pull™ design and tucks away easily into the comfortable, fleece-lined collar. You’ll see that the hood zips away at the top of the collar: this helps with the fit of the hood and, because there is less of it to tuck away into the collar, there is also less stowed bulk.

The One-Pull™ adjustment runs over the forehead and around the back to the nape of the neck, tightening or releasing with one pull (!) of the rear adjuster. In most weather this is all you need to do. If it’s particularly cold or wind-driven rain is blowing in your face (or to fine-tune the fit over glasses) there are traditional front face adjusters too, with the ends captive below the collar so excess cord can’t whip up and get you in the face…

close-up of stiffened peak and One-Pull(TM) adjustment

The peak is stiffened to hold its shape and the edge has a malleable wire stiffener to hunker down under when the elements are really against you.

YKK waterproof zips close the jacket and secure the large-volume chest pocket.

Inside there is an extra zipped pocket; the whole jacket can be stuffed into here for easy carriage.

inside pocket is also a Packpocket(TM)

The hand pockets are mid-position – easy to access and clear of a rucksack harness – that feel very comfortable and natural to use.

Inside the front zip, inside the cuffs, in all the outside pockets and inside the hem there are waterproof facings made from outer fabric. This is because we know from long experience that rain can creep into the garment at these open points. This is the sort of detail to look out for when buying a properly designed and constructed waterproof/breathable jacket.

Colours will be Charcoal (as shown in the pictures) with Team Blue zips. And Team Blue with light grey zips and detailing.

Available Now – Rohan Escapist Jacket for men priced at £185. Sizes from Small to Extra Large.

ESCAPIST is perfect for hiking, hillwalking, adventure travel, trekking, cycle commuting and touring, camping and most of your other outdoor enthusiasms, we reckon.

We also think it’s a great looking coat for everyday use too, which is an extra bonus.

Tim Jasper Rohan Brand Director


Tim Jasper – Brand Director



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