3 go to Ladakh for adventure

Ladakh prayer flags at Chang La pass

Charly from Rohan Betws-y-Coed has been telling Rohantime about an upcoming trip…

There are three families going with five children between us aged from nine to fifteen.

We have planned the trip to incorporate family needs with some mountaineering, possibly an unclimbed peak, for the mountaineers of the group. Some of the children are very keen to try their very ‘first’ proper mountain peak. Of course this all depends on how we all acclimatise our health and fitness when we get there. One of the team has recently fractured her coccyx but is determined to go!

We all have a very flexible attitude as this is essentially a family holiday with very variable and moveable goals.

We will fly into Leh at 3350 metres and spend some time acclimatising doing a few local walks and some white water rafting on the Indus. (I last went to Leh in the 1980’s, so I expect there will be a few changes!) We will then drive to Nubra over the very high pass of Khardungla to start our trek. Briefly, Kyagar village, Hundar, Skarchen, Dzongpa, Wacham, base camp of Samgyal 1, Palzam Piu valley, Base Camp to High Camp on the terminal moraine of the glacier, then hopefully for those that are able to Dawa Peak 5890m. Descend to base camp and the option to climb Samgyal peak at 5800m. Base Camp to Sumdo (4575m), Brok Gongma, base of Lasermo la, Thanglasgo, Phyiang valley, up the Lasermola pass 5400m for breath taking views, Phyiang to Leh in a complete state of exhilaration but sheer exhaustion!!

Not many kids will experience such an adventure, they are all very lucky children.

Planning the trip and getting fit have been put on hold because of fitting out and opening the new Rohan shop. We will just have to manage as best we can.

Very timely though, as of course we will try as much Rohan gear as our limited budget will allow. So far Kev will try the Pinnacle Jacket, Bee and Callum will be wearing Lapka boots and Rohan socks. Bee and I will use the Stravaig ladies rucksacks. Kev and I will take the lightweight trekking poles ( shame the handles of more trekking poles are not ergonomically shaped for the wrist). I was today chatting with a faithful Rohan customer in our shop whom was also a fellow Physiotherapist and she has found some poles that are shaped at the wrist and hand but they are far and few between. I will wear Roamer trousers and the lovely merino long sleeved base layer, microgrid fleece and a gradient jacket. Both Kev and I will wear various shirts and underwear and we will give the wash boxes a go. We may try the dry 90 litre Dry Kit bags but that is stretching our budget somewhat.

One of the main difficulty is keeping healthy, a completely different ball game when children are involved. My son is allergic to wasps so we have a supply of epi pens and our baggage will consist of antibiotic’s, suture kits, pain relief, pills and potions for every eventuality of bowel problems! Poor pack ponies! With lots of Rohan gear we can cut down on the weight though, and at the same time know that it will perform well.

Do you have any particular recommendations or suggestions?


26/07/2012 – We have just had an update from Charly they are on their way…

“We are off tomorrow, the kids are really excited and the last of the Rohan kit is packed along with crampons, ice axes, harnesses and ropes the children have all been kitted out too, we have even managed to fit crampons to the Lapka boots. We have  a great flag to fly on the top of one the peaks if we make it. The light cells have been a real bonus for helping organise our kit, this should prevent my 12 year old from asking ‘where’s my socks Mum, where’s my toothbrush Mum, where’s my — – – !’

She shared some photo’s with us

Rohan Betws-y-Coed packing for trip to Ladakh

Rohan Betws-y-Coed family trip to Ladakh



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