Rohan Barricade Fabric Review

BarricadeThe common problem with conventional waterproof, breathable fabrics is that they are inert. They don’t adapt to the changing weather outside and the changing micro-climate inside.

The amount of vapour they expel and the amount of water they repel is largely set in stone. This is true of even the most expensive and over-hyped fabrics.

Barricade™ is different. It is dynamic and responds to your body temperature and the humidity of the surrounding environment.

The steamier things get inside, the more vapour escapes. Keeping you comfortable in a much wider range of conditions.

It also exceeds the normal waterproof standards by a multiple of at least ten.

Its breathability and ability to respond actively makes it the hardest working waterproof fabric out there.

Barricade™ is used on all Rohan Waterproof jackets and trousers.

Maximum protection, minimum fuss.

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